Finance in a digital world

Finance technology

From cloud computing and robotics to analytics, artificial intelligence and automation, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming how business gets done. Expect these disruptors to have a big impact on the future of finance organizations.

But what exactly will their impact be? What is the future of finance in the face of these developments?

Why tech start-ups are staying private

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Advanced Analytics

Improve Operational Decisions

Operations leaders routinely make critical decisions across the entire value chain. What combination of raw materials will minimize total cost? How can we plan production to maximize throughput? How can we schedule maintenance tasks to minimize disruptions?

Although such decisions typically involve complex tradeoffs, managers have often made them using rules of thumb or basic data analysis. Today, though, leaders can apply advanced analytics techniques—supported by cheaper computing power and improved data capture mechanisms—to make better-informed decisions that optimize value.

Technology Industry Outlook

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