Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by Senbei in all their Apps. At Senbei we deeply respect the privacy of all people who use our applications and especially children.

We do NOT collect personal information of your child, ANY kind of statistics of the usage of the App or any other kind of information of the App users. And we do not use third party services for that purpose. We do not know about any other information such as: name, address, email, phone-numbers or photos. We do not have in-App purchases. It is a one time purchase of the full App (excluding free Apps). We do not integrate social media in the App on a free way. Facebook and Twitter are securely blocked in the App Settings. They are DISABLED by default, with a secure Parents Gate. Children are not able to access this area by themself.

It is mandatory the access to App Settings at least once, because it is the only way to activate the App Settings in the device. Not depends of us, it is the behaviour defined by Apple Inc.

For doubts or suggestions please contact us: